It feels so good to fly together!

Thank you for your donation and your support.

Imaginal Network can’t continue it’s work to without donations like yours. We are always honored by anyone who chooses to join us on our journeys living with brain injury. Together we can fly to new places!

Your donation helps us:

  • Raise funds for the legal process to become an independent non-profit organization and make donations tax-deductible.
  • Pay rent at facilities and for video equipment to host programs in-person and online (e.g. yoga program, support group).
  • Paying our yoga instructors.
  • Paying for supplies for support groups, crafts group, and other group sessions.
  • Scholarships for people with brain injury who want to pursue a new career as a yoga instructor.
  • Admin & legal fees to run our programs.
  • Marketing support to build our website, social media channels, and print materials.

So much gratitude for you! Thank you.